Admin BPS: Finding Solutions

Medical Billing Professional Consulting Services

Admin BPS: Finding Solutions

Admin BPS Services Offered

Services Offered

Admin BPS is not just a billing company. We are looking to build relationships with our clients where we become an extension of the practice. We offer many solutions for our clients to assist with maximizing revenue and decreasing costs.

Admi BPS Specialties

Our Specialties

Admin BPS has extensive knowledge with many medical specialties as well as wide-ranging working knowledge of many Practice Management and Electronic Health Records systems.

Admin BPS Partners

Our Partners

Admin BPS wants to be a resource for your current practice environment and has close working relationships with a wide range of vendors for many different practice management solutions.

Medical Billing Solutions that work for your practice.

Administrative, Billing & Professional Solutions ("Admin BPS") is a service company providing personalized medical billing and A/R management services. We take the time to understand our clients needs and wants and work together to deliver a comprehensive and customized solution to accommodate each practice. Our services include, but are not limited to Revenue Cycle Management, Information Technology, General Bookkeeping, Benefits Administration, and Practice Management Solutions.

Healthcare Billing and Management Association (HBMA)

Medical Group Management Association (MGMA)